Diane T. Dynes, PhD, CCC/SLP-L
Speech TherapyWorks 

Individualized speech & language therapy with distinct results for all ages and stages

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Dr. Dynes is the owner of Speech TherapyWorks, a practice which offers a wide range of clinical services built upon a combination of research-based methodology, time-tested techniques and solid experience. Dynes has been helping clients and families for nearly thirty years and has an impressive record of improving the speech, language and communication skills of babies, toddlers, adolescents and adults.

The goal of this website is to describe the services and products provided by Speech TherapyWorks, offer a source for useful information on evidence-based best practice in speech pathology and create a virtual community that share the goal of helping people talk.

Please browse through this site and come back often for new resources. Through a gesture, single word or long story, communication is a means for sharing life together and there is no substitute. Thanks for visiting!